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Strawberry Girls

Strawberry Girls

Normally, theres nothing more off-putting to a client than a themed agency, whose subject carries on through every visible page of the website. There are silly puns, unnecessary metaphors and girls dressed up in outfits that are just not doing anything for us. This makes the whole adventure of meeting with an escort seem more like a novelty, rather than a lifestyle choice. It automatically lacks professionalism, and is enough to make us move onto the next one that just shines with the light of professionalism, luxury and a cute nature that makes us want to call. Strawberry Girls most definitely does that. The allure of the supple fruit, or perhaps the companions derrieres, automatically makes a client pick up the phone. With a large number of Strawberry cheap escorts working for the company, it really is no surprise that so many gentlemen wish to employ the particular services of this agency.

Every Type of Companion

Don’t be misled by the confusing name of this agency. They provide their customers with such a varied selection of women that you would be pushed to find two alike. It goes without saying that those preferring their companions to arrive equipped with blonde hair will not be disappointed by any girl that walks through their door. Whilst they don’t have a hair-selective process, a blonde is a blonde, the quality has certainly remained high despite the number of eager applicants who yearn to have their name on the books. Knowing that the hair colour won’t really alter their escort experience that much, brunettes still have plenty of fun, those over at Strawberry Girls have really excelled in providing mature escorts to the esteemed gentlemen of London.

Which One?

Surely the only thing worse than have no choice, is having too much choice? Absolutely not! Why would you even think such a thing. That sort of thinking is reserved for the extra picky and somewhat snobby, we think. It’s like the man that says ‘oh, my Bentley is TOO shiny’. No one cares for that guy, no one listens to that guy. More importantly, no one wants to BE that guy. So when an agency like Strawberry Girls comes along, you don’t pick holes in it, you don’t question. You pick up the phone, dial, and relax in the company of one of their gorgeous ladies. We would go on further to explain just exactly why you should spoil yourself with any of the females in the galleries, but we’re off to give them a call. Our biggest dilemma, today? Which one do we pick!

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